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The crime of HOME INVASION can be one of the most violent a person can encounter. Most families are not aware of the extreme dangers connected with HOME INVASION. We would like to point out the DO’S and DON’TS relating to this type of crime.
Let’s start by listing some reasons why criminals are committing HOME INVASIONS compared to other types of crimes, and also explore ways to avoid becoming a VICTIM!
** Criminals are quickly realizing it’s easier and SAFER TO COMMIT A CRIME OF HOME INVASION than holding up a convenience store. The rewards are also ‘MUCH “GREATER”!
** Criminals are aware most home dwellers are not thinking about someone forcing their way into their home. Unfortunately that give’s the bad guys “THE ADVANTAGE”.
** One reason HOME INVASIONS are on the increase is simply because it’s a matter of “CRIMINAL ECONOMICS”. . . where else can a criminal get so much under one roof. THINK ABOUT IT!
Rule #1 Keep all doors locked whenever possible. Hide a spare key outside in case of a “LOCK OUT”!
Rule #2 Always keep the window shades closed (at night) especially in the Kitchen. Believe it or not, most kitchen windows do not have treatments. Exposed windows can tell the criminal element a lot about how vulnerable you are! What they can’t see brings reluctance on their part, and they move on!
Rule #3 HOME ALONE?. . . NEVER LET IT LOOK THAT WAY! Use the “camouflage approach” lights, radio, TV, sound; utilize the entire house. A television in a dark room “flickers” and gives the appearance of more than one person in the room, as viewed from the outside.
Rule #4 Be alert every time you drive home (especially women). Criminals have been known to follow a potential victim home after stalking them. They may only want to see where you live, only to return later.
Rule #5 Cooperate with the intruder (s). This will have a calming effect and lessen the chance of being injured. Remember. It’s better to give up your possessions than your life!
Rule #6 NEVER look the intruder (s) directly in the eyes. By doing so they may feel you will be able to identify them, thus placing your life in danger.
Rule #7 Should you possess more than one gun, I might suggest hiding one in a master bathroom. Intruders often put a family member in this room. It is the least threatening room and the best place to store a weapon.
HAVE A TELEPHONE CODE. . . among family members and close friends. Should your home ever experience a HOME INVASION OR INTRUDER the only lifeline could be your TELEPHONE!
LET’S PRETEND. . . . there is a HOME INVASION in progress.
“THE TELEPHONE RINGS”! The intruder will likely tell you not to answer it!. . .Tell them you are expecting a very important call, and the caller knows you’re home and if you don’t answer, they will suspect something is wrong, and call your neighbor.
Should they allow you to answer, and it is someone who knows about the CODE get it across in a natural tone and hope you caller DIALS . 911.