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Gun Safety


Most handgun owners are aware of all the material and devices available throughout the country concerning “Gun Safety” unfortunately, precious lives are still being lost due to “Accidental Shootings”.
In theory, if applied, this life saving, innovative approach could have virtually saved all the lives of those “Littlest” victims.
As author and founder of “First Bullet-Second Chance”, I quickly realized the importance of placing this LIFE SAVING FORMULA before every gun owner worldwide-so I turned to the “Net” to achieve maximum exposure. Once this formula is implemented by gun owners, I am confident LIVES WILL BE SAVED !
Keeping in mind this formula was primarily created for those who prefer having their revolver (s) loaded !
Let’s get Started!


Let’s start by pointing out that an “Accidental Shooting” usually occurs when a person THINKS the gun is not loaded, or by a curious child. There are also cases where the gun owner is not familiar enough with the weapon. Once a trigger is accidentally pulled on a loaded gun, a tragedy occurs, resulting in injury or even death. The odds on an “Accidental Shooting” with a loaded gun can be in your favor!.
Implementing the “First Bullet-Second Chance” formula:
An accidental shooting is about to occur. The trigger is pulled -a loud blast- panic, the gun is dropped. This time NO bullet ever left the barrel. The “First Bullet” was a “blank” giving a possible victim a “Second Chance”. If this formula was only in place “yesterday “.
Do you know in which direction the cylinder rotates on your handgun(s) when the trigger is pulled, or the hammer is cocked to the firing position? HOW DID YOU FARE?


* Know the direction of “Cylinder Rotation” in every revolver you own. We recommend you go over this formula with a competent person. A gun dealer or firing range is a good place for assistance .
* Purchase a box of ” blanks” for the caliber(s) you’ ll need. The gun range would be a good place to practice placing a “blank” in the correct chamber. We also recommend you use a permanent marker (sharpie) to highlight the “primer”, making it easier to spot the blank.
* For obvious reasons this formula works best when ONLY the gun owner knows about the “blank”.
* every once in a while check the cylinders to make sure no one has handled the weapon and moved the “blank” from it’s correct chamber. Remember; you should know the correct chamber BEFORE you look!
There are advantages in implementing this formula in addition to the one outlined above!
* Let’s say an “adversary” gets control of your gun, in a “Home Invasion” or any other circumstances. Having implementing this formula, you have just given yourself and possible family members a “Second Chance”.
* Could this formula prevent a suicide? Let’s explore that possibility.
A teen-ager or any other person picks up your loaded revolver and follows through by pulling the trigger.
Would the explosion of the blank be shocking enough to foil their attempt? I believe it’s possible.
The key to this formula is:
(a) The blank must be in the correct chamber.
(b) That the gun owner is the only one with knowledge of the “blank”.
Final Thought :
Looking back over the years, imagine for a moment how many precious lives could have been saved had “First Bullet-Second Chance” been in place, and implemented! It’s also common knowledge many woman have a stronger concern about the “loaded gun” in the household. Hopefully this formula will be comforting knowing “First Bullet” allows that “Second Chance”!