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Child Safety

Could a member of your family become a Target for Abduction?

You be the judge! The department of Justice has provided vital statistics concerning abduction, and should you have children or grandchildren we strongly suggest you read the following!
** Teenagers 12-19, especially girls, are the most victimized segment of the U.S. population.

** Children ages 12 to 15 are victimized at a rate 84% higher than the general population.

** Teenage girls are among the most frequent victims of sexual assault.

** According to a study by the Justice Department the “Average” victim of a “Child Abduction Murder” is a girl slightly older than 11. Most are normal kids from middle class neighborhoods who first meet their abductors within a quarter mile from home! Girls constitute 76% of all children murdered by abductors. According to a 1991 survey of state prison inmates who committed violent crimes against children, three out of four of their victims were girls.

Why are young females so vulnerable? Partly because of how they see themselves, and partly because of how others see them. Adolescent girls tend to be fearless. They feel sophisticated and immortal, even though they lack street savvy and adult judgment. They’re often on their own, with lots of time unsupervised by parents or adults. “They don’t have the necessary skills to know when they’re in danger!” As girls enter puberty, they sometimes attract the interest of predatory family members, friends of older brothers or other acquaintances. Little girl behaviors or budding interest in boys can be misinterpreted as flirting by a deviant mind.

** Try in some way to open up communications. “Teenagers” like honesty, they like things straight up.

** Make them aware of the dangers of abduction, and ways to lesson their chances of becoming a victim.

** Assertiveness training or self defense classes can be another important tool – especially since they help give girls the confidence to stick up for themselves.

** Parents may fear taking a toddler to the mall, but few seem to realize that a middle school girl biking around her own neighborhood also faces danger of being abducted.

The primary motive for child abduction is sexual assault, and the combination of naive, youth and emerging sexuality make teenage girls an attractive target.

Discuss further information about SAFETY AND CRIME PREVENTION TIPS  to them.