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A burglary occurs every 13 seconds.
Although the December holiday season is prime-time for burglars, they are more than happy to relieve you of your possessions at any time.
Is your home a target?
Make it tough for the thief to get inside your home. Burglars tend not to work too hard. If a house is hard to enter, they will move on to one that is an easy mark!
Take a look at your home from the standpoint of a burglar.
Burglars usually:
* Wait till no one is at home
* Walk in an unlocked door or open window
* Kick in a door
* Break a window
** Use dead bolts on all exterior doors
** Secure sliding doors. Use a slide lock or put an object in door channel.
** Install a burglar alarm system, and post “Warning signs”.
If you are going to be away:
* Notify the police if you are going away and ask for a check of your residence periodically.
* Ask a neighbor to also look after your house while you are away, alternating the lights and possibly mowing the lawn. This would show an active home site. When your neighbor is away, you can reciprocate.
* Of you have a two story house, leave the upstairs light on. A burglar cannot peek in.
* Cancel newspapers/mail delivery. Don’t leave any notes saying when you will be home.
* Leave drapes and shades open. When they are closed, it is a sign of an unoccupied home.
* If possible, park a car in your driveway or tell a neighbor they can use you driveway whenever they wish.
Securing Valuables:
Whenever you leave on vacation/trip, place your most valuable items in a vault or at a relatives home, if the items are too large for a vault.
You may also want someone to actually go to your home a couple of times a week to check and see if all is okay. It also makes it look as if someone is always home.
A security check may be available free of charge from your local Law Enforcement Agency. Go in person and talk one on one!
Above all, never enter your home if you feel someone may be inside. Go to a neighbors and call the Police!