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Crime Awareness

crimeAwareness was created solely for the purpose of protecting law abiding citizens against the criminal element by supplying information to individuals and families that will help protect them from becoming a victim of crime.

The CrimeAwareness concept is the brainchild of Former Commander , Broward County Sheriffs’ Office, Broward County, Florida, recognized for his crime fighting abilities while gaining national attention from former President Ronald Reagan and Former Florida Governor Bob Graham.
The originator and developer of the First Bullet-Second Chance concept which has become a LIFE SAVING TOOL for ALL GUN OWNERS.

Safety 1st

This concept came about through a strong desire to educate the public with information never before discussed, due mostly to the Politics that exist in Law Enforcement today.
A very unique part of the “Crime Awareness Safety Network” is the availability for its’ members to be able to communicate and receive answers to questions they may have regarding personal security situations.

You can check here background activities of communities members .
We hope you will join us in our effort to protect you and your family members from the “well organized crime element”. Check out our “Become a Member Today!”
We appreciate your support!

Additional information on Crime Prevention for Kids can be accessed here.